Event: the role of the private sector in promoting high-quality diets in Mozambique

Gain Work

On June 29, The Global Panel and GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition) jointly hosted a workshop in Maputo to explore the role of the private sector in promoting healthy diets in Mozambique.

Over 50 participants gathered to share examples of efforts by the private sector to combine profitable business models with action on malnutrition. Case studies included the development of nutritious products that reach vulnerable groups; new ways to contribute to school feeding programmes; and the use of mobile communication platforms to promote good nutrition.

Professor Sandy Thomas presented evidence from the Global Panel’s Foresight report to guide the conversation on opportunities for the private sector to make high-quality diets safe, affordable and accessible.

Katia Dias, GAIN Country Director chaired the plenary discussion which revolved around three key themes: innovation in product development; opportunities and challenges for public-private partnerships; and the use of Corporate Social Responsibility budgets to help address malnutrition.

Participants acknowledged the potential for scaling up these approaches in Mozambique through multi-sectorial partnerships involving government, business, and civil society. The outputs of this event will be used to inform further publications later in the year.