Month: September 2015


Towards more nutrition-friendly food systems for the 21st Century

Why is it so difficult to make healthy diet choices? Is it really just an individual responsibility? For Lawrence Haddad the answer is no. He points out that policies, rather than individual choices, can help a big deal to shift from food systems to more nutrition friendly food systems

Food Systems

Action needed now to enhance nutrition in the face of climate change

Policy makers can make a significant difference to ensure healthy diets for people at every stage of life. The Global Panel’s new policy brief Climate-smart food systems for enhanced nutrition urges decision makers to adopt a pro-nutrition lens while protecting and promoting agriculture in the face of climate change

Passion Fruit

It's time to stop counting calories and focus on diet quality & policies that reduce malnutrition

Patrick Webb explains the crucial role of dietary quality to achieve nutrition across the world, by linking it to the core issues of dietary related non communicable diseases.