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Rome, Italy, June 2019, Symposium on the Future of Food at FAO

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Islamabad, Pakistan, March 2019, SUN-CSA Annual General Meeting

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Islamabad, Pakistan, March 2019, High-Level ministerial meeting

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Accra, Ghana, March 2019, Inter-Ministerial meeting

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London, UK, Feb 2019, APPG Event – UK Brief Launch

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Rome, Italy, Nov 2018, 5th Global Panel Meeting

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Accra, Ghana, Jan 2018, Global Panel in Accra

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Rome, Italy, Nov 2018, Foresight 2.0 HLSG meeting

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Lusaka, Zambia, April 2018, Zambia Food & Nutrition Summit 2018

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Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nov 2017, Regional Event

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Milan, Italy, Nov 2017, Global Panel at the Global Nutrition Summit 2017

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Washington, USA, Oct 2017, World Food Prize 2017

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Top facts & stats on food systems and nutrition

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Maputo, Mozambique, Jun 2017, High-Level events: Delivering high-quality diets in Mozambique

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Brasilia, Brasil, May 2017, Global Panel & Embrapa Events

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Abuja, Nigeria, May 2017, Global Panel supports implementation of Nutrition Strategy

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Geneva, Switzerland, Feb 2017, Discussing the Global Panel’s Foresight report

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Delhi, India, Oct 2016, South Asia launch of the Foresight Report

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Nairobi, Kenya, Nov 2016, Integrated Nutrition Conference 2016

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Accra, Ghana, Oct 2015, African launch of the Foresight Report

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Accra, Ghana, Oct 2016,High Level Roundtable

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Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, Oct 2016, African Leaders for Nutrition initiative moves forward

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Des Moines, USA, Oct 2016, #FoodPrize16

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Lusaka, Zambia, May 2016, African Leaders Make Economic Case for Increased Nutrition Investments

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Accra, Ghana, April 2016, High-Level Roundtable on food safety and aflatoxins in Africa

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London, UK, March 2016, Global Panel – APPG joint event at the House of Commons

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New Delhi, India, Feb 2016, South Asia Regional Consultation

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Paris, France, Dec 2015, COP21 Side Event

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Accra, Ghana, Nov 2015,Global Panel Third Annual Meeting – Day 4

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Accra, Ghana, Nov 2015, Global Panel Annual Meeting – Day 3

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Accra, Ghana, Nov 2015, Global Panel Annual Meeting – Day 2

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Accra, Ghana, Nov 2015, Global Panel Annual Meeting – Day 1

Lshtm, Agriculture And Food Global Panel

London, UK, June 2014, Nutrition for Growth – One Year On