Year: 2015

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Diversifying food production and diets. Easier said than done

During her research in Kenya, Elvira Uccello investigates the causes of dietary simplification in the region, and the role played by market dynamics and the ecosystem.

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At COP21 for side event ‘Climate-Smart Food Systems for Enhanced Nutrition’

Saturday 5th December the Global Panel was at COP21 to host the side event “Climate-Smart Food Systems for Enhanced Nutrition”, held at the Africa Pavilion – Paris Le Bourget. 

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COP 21 – A side event on Climate-Smart Food Systems for Enhanced Nutrition

Climate-Smart Food Systems for Enhanced Nutrition – The Global Panel is gearing up for a side event organised at the Africa Pavilion for COP21

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COP21: une action gouvernementale urgente est nécessaire pour que l'agriculture soit efficace face au climat et efficace nutritionnellement.

«Ce monde a besoin que l’agriculture soit efficace face au climat, et efficace nutritionnellement», déclare John A. Kufuor, co-président du Global Panel et ancien Président du Ghana.

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Déclaration du Global Panel sur le changement climatique, les systèmes alimentaires et l'alimentation

Le Global Panel on Agriculture, Food Systems and Nutrition croit très fortement qu’une politique d’action urgente est nécessaire afin de réagir aux défis que le changement climatique représente pour l’agriculture, l’alimentation et la santé des hommes.

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COP21: Urgent Government Action Needed to Make Agriculture Climate-Smart and Nutrition-Smart

“The world needs agriculture to be climate-smart and also nutrition-smart” said John A. Kufuor, Co-Chair of the Global Panel and former President of Ghana

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The Global Panel’s Statement on Climate Change, Food Systems and Nutrition

The Global Panel on Agriculture, Food Systems and Nutrition strongly believes that urgent policy action is needed to tackle the challenges that climate change poses to agriculture, nutrition, and human health.


Kofi Annan pushes for food security and nutrition

Kofi Annan sent a solidarity message on the occasion of the third annual meeting of the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition in Accra

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The Role of Diets in Shaping the Global Burden of Disease

From largely plant-based minimally processed diets, to consumption of highly refined, packaged foods, large amounts of meat, and high intakes of sodium, refined fats, and sugar. The ongoing global dietary transition has however barely increased the consumption of foods with a high nutrient value in low income countries, tending to poor health and undernutrition, high and rising health costs, and a huge economic cost burden. 


AfDB President Akinwumi Adesina in Accra to Share Perspectives On Agriculture, Nutrition and African Cities

President A. Adesina attends the Third Global Panel Annual Meeting in Accra, Ghana.