Foresight 2.0

The Global Panel’s second Foresight Report, launching in autumn 2020, will offer policy solutions to improve the quality of diets using a food systems approach through promoting availability, accessibility, affordability, desirability, and sustainability of healthy diets for all.

The food systems that determine our dietary choices are neither delivering healthy options for most of the world’s consumers, nor are they sustainable. The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic have also highlighted how fragile they are to shocks.

The first Foresight report in 2016 Food Systems and diets: Facing the challenges of the 21st Century argued for a significant shift in policies to enable food systems to deliver healthy diets for all. It galvanised considerable interest in the value of adopting a food systems perspective for addressing current problems and adopting appropriate strategies.

The new report, rather than elaborating further on the vision of a different future (however important that may be), focuses instead on articulating pragmatic strategies to manage an effective transition.

It urges policymakers, business leaders and consumers to make food system transformation in low- and middle-income countries an absolute priority by focusing on the first steps of the transition needed to make lasting change possible.

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