Agnes Kalibata at the CRS Integrated Nutrition Conference


Global Panel Member and President of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), Dr Agnes Kalibata, was at the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Integrated Nutrition Conference for a one-to-one conversation with Shaun Ferris, Director of Agriculture Livelihoods at CRS.

Malnutrition presents significant threats to human health and economic development. It is on this premise that the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and members of the private sector, NGOs, academia and donor community came together in Nairobi, Kenya on 14-16 November 2016 to share experiences, learn from, and motivate each other in responding with the private sector for greater nutrition impact.

Global leaders in the areas of nutrition, water and sanitation, agriculture, health and early childhood development, education and gender, will share tools, technologies, practices, business models, and multi-sectoral partnership strategies for improving nutritional outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Dr Kalibata’s plenary conversation focused on key policy issues affecting nutrition and healthy diets – what are the decisions that policymakers need to take in the coming decades to ensure that food systems deliver high quality diets in low/middle income countries.  With a particular focus on low-income households, women, and children, the discussion explored the role of the private sector and civil society in ensuring food systems deliver healthy diets.

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