High-level briefings on the Global Panel’s new report, ‘Future Food Systems: For people, our planet and prosperity’

Harvest Of Vegetables On The Filed In North Korea

Healthy diets are currently unaffordable to an estimated 3 billion people; more than 200 million children under five face a life with insufficient food; and at least 11 million people die every year from diet-related illnesses, including stroke, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. At the same time, food systems are in a spiral of decline with the environmental systems on which they themselves depend. The opportunity to turn the situation around still exists – but the window is closing. A shift to sustainable food systems that deliver healthy diets also has the potential to generate new jobs and promote economic recoveryDecision-makers in governments, international organisations, businesses and investors, civil society advocacy groups, and citizens all have critically important roles to play. 

These briefings aim to use the evidence and recommendations from the Future Food Systems report to help build momentum for a transition to sustainable, healthy diets for all. 

Our most recent briefing has been to FAO Asia Pacific.