Resources from the ‘Nutrition for Growth – One Year On ‘ Public Discussion


Watch the videos:

– The Nutrition for Growth — One Year On starts with three short presentations from invited speakers:

  1. Srinath Reddy sets the scene on the issue around nutrition and growth.
  2. Sir John Beddington describes a specific initiative started last year: The Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition.
  3. Lawrence Haddad talks about the Global Nutrition Report, another product from the Nutrition for Growth event which is well underway.

– A panel of six experts from government, international and civil society sectors discuss what they have been doing in this past year and their ideas on the future, specifically related to addressing challenges of under-nutrition and malnutrition. They also answer questions in the session that follows.

– His Excellency Roberto Jaguaribe, the Ambassador of Brazil to the UK government discusses Brazil’s experience in tackling under nutrition, and also its plans for Rio in 2016.

Policy paper: Nutrition for Growth: One Year On. Tackling undernutrition: progress made by the UK since 8 June 2013.

On June 8 2013, the UK along with a number of other countries, businesses and charities, set out its commitments to beat global hunger and undernutrition. The ‘Nutrition for Growth: one year on’ report provides an update on progress made by the UK to reach these commitments. Highlights include the expansion of programmes in Africa and Asia to address the immediate and underlying causes of undernutrition and the development of a number of new research partnerships to identify innovative solutions to this global challenge. The report also talks about the progress by the Global Panel (page 6) Read more…

Blog: Nutrition for Growth – One Year On

by Kat Pittore, IDS nutrition convenor

One year ago, on 8 June 2013, the global community gathered in London at the Nutrition for Growth event (N4G) to pledge, US$4.1 (£2.9) billion in efforts to improve nutrition worldwide. At the event 94 stakeholders from governments, civil society organisations (CSOs), and businesses came together to make ambitious commitments to improving nutrition globally, with the specific goal of preventing 20 million cases of stunting and saving 1.7 million lives.

Why is nutrition important?

Despite having enough food to feed the world, malnutrition, which includes both undernutrition and over-nutrition remains a challenge worldwide. Read more…

Blog: Nutrition for Growth One Year On – Progress on commitments and the role of civil society at country level

by Marie Rumsby, Head of Hunger & Nutrition, Save the Children

In June 2013, Governments, business leaders, academics and civil society gathered in London for the Nutrition for Growth event. $23 billion was committed for nutrition interventions – a huge victory for all who have worked hard to raise the profile of nutrition over the last few years.

How many of those commitments will be delivered? Will they have the desired impact? How many children’s lives will be saved because of the efforts of Nutrition for Growth? All good questions that we don’t yet have the answers to. Read more…