Strengthening resilience in the transformation of food systems in low- and middle-income African countries    

A 12-month project led by the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition

The Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition is leading a 12-month initiative funded by Irish Aid focusing on enhancing the resilience of food systems in low- and middle-income African countries. The project which commenced in November 2023 and will conclude in October this year, targets Ethiopia, Malawi, and Sierra Leone to cultivate a robust strategy for bolstering food system resilience amidst multiple crises which include the impact of COVID-19, climate change, conflicts, and economic instability.

This interdisciplinary project will integrate local expertise and global insights to synthesise a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by these countries' food systems. The project will have a Lead Expert Group (LEG) consisting of in-country government and academic experts and international specialists to drive technical analysis, develop actionable plans, and synthesise results. Regular stakeholder engagements and collaboration with the Global Panel will ensure alignment with key decision-makers and diverse perspectives throughout the process.

The project aims to produce a concise yet impactful report that envisages a resilient future for food systems, offering tailored action plans for each country while drawing universal lessons applicable to other African nations and low- to middle-income countries. Additionally, the initiative focuses on capacity building, networking, and refocusing thinking on food system resilience in the target countries.

Ultimately, the project seeks not only to analyse the vulnerabilities of food systems but also to equip and empower these nations with actionable strategies, foster collaboration, and challenge conventional perspectives, positioning them for sustainable and resilient food systems in the face of multifaceted challenges.

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Agnes Poscard
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Lead Expert Group

Technical experts


Patrick Webb

Professor, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, TUFTS University


Tim Benton

Research Director at Chatham House

International experts

Evan Fraser

Prof Evan Fraser

Chair of the LEG, Director, Arrel Food Institue, University of Guelph

Amos Laar

Prof Amos Laar

Professor Public Health and Nutrition, University of Ghana

Andy Dougill

Prof Andy Dougill

Professor, University of York

Malawian experts

Mirriam Matita

Dr Mirriam Matita

Lecturer Research Methods, Lilongwe University of Agriculutre and natural Resources


Dr Andrew Jamali

Director for research in the National Planning Commission

Ethiopian experts

Masresha Tessema

Dr Masresha Tessema

Dircetor, Food Science and Nutrition Research, Ethiopian Puclic Health Institute

Adinew Abate Photo

Adinew Abate

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture Program Manager, Ministry of Health, Nutrition Coordination office, Seqota Declaration


Dr Sisay Sinamo

Senior Programme Manager, Seqote Declaration, Ministry of Health

Sierra Leonean experts


Dr Patrick Kormawa

Director, Food Security and Climate-Smart Agricultural Transformation, Office of the President


Dr Abdulai Jalloh

Chief Agricultural Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MAFS)